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Famous Temples in Purnia

Purnia is one of the fast developing cities in the Indian state of Bihar. After Patna, it is the most famous destination for tourism, sightseeing and for exploring the large number of temples and shrines. Its Mughal and colonial history has several tales to narrate along with the many monuments and tourist spots in the city. It became an important center of contact with other states of eastern and north eastern India when it was a military province. However, in recent times it has also emerged as a major economic hub with its bazaars and popular crops like jute and banana.

Temples in Purnia
Mata Asthan

History of Purnia

Purnia has a rich history, under Mughal India and under the East India Company. Under Mughal rule, it consisted of Sarkar Tajpur, to the east of Mahananda river and Sarkar Purnia to the west of the river. Apart from Mahananda, the river Kosi, the largest tributary of Ganga also flows through the eastern part of Purnia dividing the Old Purnea city and the New Purnea town. Purnia became an important military province and an administrative center under the British rule in the 1760s and 1770s. Its earliest known origin is in the Pundra dynasty as referred to in the Mahabharata. The Mata Puran Devi Temple is the city's oldest temple and it is said that the city got its name from that temple. Several centuries ago the area was believed to be a Purna Aranya or a complete jungle, an abode of forests and hence the name Purnia.

Must Visit Temples of Purnia

Most of the temples in this city have their special identities of being themed temples to offer ample chance to the devotees to worship certain categories of deities. Some temples in Purnia are known for their historic value as ancient temples existing since several centuries. Most such temples are maintained by the local government authorities with cooperation from the masses.In fact in most cases people collect funds to maintain these temples. These temples remain open from morning till evening and worshippers keep coming throughout the year. Such temples also attract good number of people from the far off areas during special occasions. People from the distant places visit these temples to worship during the special festive time. Below are some of the most visited temples in Purnia that maintain identity of being prominent on local and state levels.

Mata Puran Devi Temple and Kali Bari Mandir

Located just 5 kilometers from the main city, the Puran Devi is the oldest temple of Purnia. It is believed that the city got its name from this temple. It was earlier called as Purna Aranya or complete jungle, hence Purnia. Goddess Puran Devi is a form of the revered goddess Kali.Another temple devoted entirely to goddess Kali is the Kali Bari Mandir which is situated close to Puran Devi.The famous Maa Puran Devi Mandir is located at a distance of mere 4-5 kilometers from the crowded city area of Purnia. The devotees can reach here easily from any part of the city by using rickshaws or their own cars. It is easily reachable from Khuskibagh, Katihar Mod and almost all parts of the main Purnia city area.

Matasthan and Panchmukhi Mandir

Mata Sthan, also one of the oldest of the city, is located at a distance of 4 kilometers from the city in Choonapur. Panchmukhi Mandir is located right in the middle of the city.

Kamakya Mandir

The temple is situated along the borders of three nearby villages - Majra, Bhabanipur and Rahua. It is 14 kilometers from the main city and is frequented by tourists and locals to receive the blessings of Maa Kamakya.

Ramakrishna Ashram

The city is especially famous for the Ramakrishna Mission which follows the principles of Vedanta movement, spreading its beliefs on spirituality and education. The ashram was established in 1925 with an attempt to provide relief to patients suffering from plague and Malaria in the Katihar-Purnia-Araria region. The ashram is in Katihar, around 45 minutes from Purnia.

Mahabir Temple

Located at a distance of approximately 50 kilometers from the district headquarters Purnia at Baisi area, Mahabir Temple remains into limelight for being special in the region. This temple is visited by the locals every day. A priest has been appointed to perform the daily worships in the Mahabir Temple. The priest also guides visiting worshippers to perform special pujas in the temple. The temple upkeep and overall maintenance is under the guidance of local body members. As the National Highway 31 crosses through Basi and Mahabir Temple is located just nearby the highway, good number of outsiders and travellers do worship in this temple.

As Mahabir Temple is located in the Baisi main road at the National Highway crossing, one can travel to this place from the district headquarters Purnia at a distance of less than 50 kilometers. Visitors arriving from the opposite directions can pass equal distance if come from nearby Kishanganj area.

Maa Kali Mandir

Famous Maa Kali Mandir of Purnia city in Bihar is one of the landmarks in the city. Although it is not a big temple and is located in a small piece of land but due to its prime location in city, Maa Kali Mandir is easily accessible by the devotees. This temple dedicates to the deity Maa Kali which is a symbol of power and mankind’s support. People keep visiting this temple everyday throughout the year but ample rush is seen during the festive time when special annual Kali Puja is organized.

Rani Saati Mandir

Located in the Kasba area of Purnia district the famous local temple namely Rani Saati Mandir is located at a distance of few kilometers from the district headquarters. This temple is famous amongst the local worshippers. It though welcomes visitors from various other parts of the region during festival time. As Rani Saati Mandir is located at a distance of approximately ten kilometers from the Purnia city one needs to use personal vehicles or any local commuting options to reach there.

Bhatta Durgabari

One of the prominent temples in the Purnia city’s famous Bhatta Bazaar area, Bhatta Durgabari welcomes ample rush during the special festive time and particularly when Hindu festivals are organized. This temple welcomes devotees almost every day but the special occasions are more noticeable here when various programs are organized. As its name suggests, the Durgabari is known for Durga Puja festival.

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